alizi.deco divider


Alizi Deco Divider is a beautiful hanging decoration which is designed as a visual space divider. 
It is a beautiful element which will enhance the cozy atmosphere and gives you feeling of more privacy.
It can be hanged from the ceiling or mounted on the glass which separates the space as well as on the wall and create a modern pattern on the wall background.



  • 53 parts / assembled divider 80 x 195 cm


For hanging from the ceiling:

  • 3x ceiling self-adhesive, transparent buttons with eyelet (20 mm)

  • 6x S-hooks (14mm)

  • 5m transparent fishing line (0,25 mm / tension: 7.3 kg)


  • living spaces

  • beauty salons

  • wellness

  • restaurants

  • hotels

  • shops

  • open space offices

  • tradeshows

  • events - weddings, celebrations, ...

Use case video

  • unique / new on the market

  • pleasant visual experience

  • wide usability

  • size and dimentions variability

  • easy to assemble

  • pattern and color combination possibility

  • made of recyclable polypropylene

  • resilientflexiblewashable

  • light weight

  • no need of extra assembling parts

  • easy to transport


To offer different forms for different interior styles, we decidet to produce three shapes.

FLOWER - regular organic shape, TREE - modern geometric shape and WATER - abstract organic shape. 

For this production I have chosen a white color - bright, soft and clean color, which fits nicely into all interiors, looks elegant, light and fresh.


Alizi.deco divider is made of Polypropylene which is exclusively looking and attractive material. It is a highly environmentally friendly because it is easily recyclable (grind, granulated and reused) or burn (at Burning produces harmless waste products, such as carbon dioxide and water). It meets the requirements of the Packaging Act, is harmless and as such also applicable for food contact.

Polypropylene is resilient, flexible, and washable. it is resistant to high humidity so it can be used in bathrooms or for outside events such as weddings or other celebrations. It is light weight, so it doesn't demand a firm hooks in the ceiling or attachment on the walls.


The decoration is produced in the local company in the Czech republic.


Alizi.deco divider consists of individual parts which are easily connected together through small locks. That is why assembling doesn't require any other parts as hooks or gluing. Thanks to its variability, you can connect individual parts in to needed shape or sizes.

The whole decoration is easily packed in to a small box and easy to transport.



The product will be nicely packed in milky semitransparent box of dimension 20x5x20cm.




Flower shape - one part: 17,6 x 20 cm

Tree shape - one part: 17,6 x 20 cm

Water shape - one part: 17,6 x 20 cm


Flower shape: 80 x 195 cm

Tree shape: 80 x 195 cm

Water shape: 80 x 195 cm


the product is nicely packed in milky semitransparent Polypropylene box. Dimension 20 x 5 x 20 cm.

Pluses & minuses

+ possibility to create variable shape and sizes according          space requirements

+ small for transportation (lower impact on environment during shipping)

+ doesn't require additional parts or gluing to assemble the decoration

+ waterproof, flexible and resilient material

+ pleasant visual experience

+ wide possibility for use of the product

- not heavy enough for windy environment

(We recommend to attach the bottom to the ground)

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