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Would you also like your children to learn how to handle money from an early age? So that they can learn from their own experience how easy it is to spend money and how long it takes to save it again?


This amazing wooden money box will not only help them with this, but also support their creativity and curiosity.

Read the answers to your questions, where you will also learn about all the possibilities and advantages that this money bank offers.


❤️ What are the advantages of this cash box?

The main advantage is that it is transparent and the children can see their saving all the time and can thus monitor how their savings are increasing.

You can gift it with the child's name, a joint photo, or a dedication, and at any time adjust the color by changing the background so that it always matches your room.

Children can insert their own drawing or handwritten name behind the plexiglass wall.


❤️ From what age is it ideal to buy a money box?

Considering that it is recommended to talk to children about money from the age of 3, it is also the ideal time when the children should also get some change to start learning how to handle them. Related to this they need a safe and nice place where they can keep their money.

You can also give a money box to a mom for a baby (for example, with a photo of the baby and birth details - name, weight, height, ...)


❤️ For whom is the money box not suitable?

The money box is not suitable for children under 3 years of age, as it contains small parts (screws). In addition, it is intended for inserting coins that could cause suffocation.


❤️ How can I get money out?

The money box is closed with 4 small screws.

But you can pull out money in several ways. It just depends on how much and what you need to get out.

If you tell the kids the trick (see the video below) they can get a few change for the ice cream, using a "slide" made of harder paper: (even without help of parents)

If you allow the children to take out the change themselves, you can leave one screw unscrewed at the top, place the cash box on the back wall, slightly open the back plexiglass, and the change will slide out of the cash box in a few seconds.

And if you want to take out the banknotes, unscrew the 3 screws and move the plexiglass on the last screw by turning it.

❤️ What packaging contains and what does not?

You will receive the money box assembled (without inserted background graphics). You will get 1 background in the boxes, which you can use.

Bbrown for fox and teddy bear, light pink with white dots for the fox with leaves and cat, Orange for tiger and the white fort panda.


❤️ Will I get exactly what is in the photo?

As it is wood, the structure of the wood is illustrative and varies with each piece of the money box. It is also necessary to take into account that the colors on the monitor may not fully correspond to the actual color.


❤️ How do I get the box packed?

the cash box is wrapped in thin white "silk" paper and placed in a brown box with a label.


❤️ Can I give the money box straight away as a gift?

Yes, thanks to the packaging, you can just put it in the gift bag and give it directly (you can just take out the thank you card from the box)

However, you can customize the box before handing it over to the person you are giving it to.


❤️ How can I customize the money box?

If you want to give the money box as a gift, you can put, for example, the name of the child, join a photo, or a dedication at the back behing the Plexiglas. (Find inspiration among the product photos.) Children can also customize it themselves during the process by inserting their own picture, a collage of stickers, a handwritten name, ...
If you would like to color-match the cash register, you can insert any graphic behind the back Plexiglas (inwards), whether it is printed, popular wrapping paper, or just colored cardboard.
If you would like to give a money box with a calligraphic name, I will be happy to prepare it for you. Just write to me and I'll upload it to a folder where you'll also find some colorful backgrounds from product photos. Then all you have to do is print the name or the background, cut it out and insert it between the frame and the back plexiglass - and you have a beautiful personalized gift with a name that will warm the child´s heart even more.


❤️ For what occasion can I gift the modey box?
♡ baby shower 

♡ birthday

♡ children's day

♡ the first day of school

♡ school report

♡ Christmas, ...


❤️ If you are gifting a money box to a mom for a newborn baby, be sure to show her this video:

For a certain period, she can transform the cash register into a night light, which will certainly make night breastfeeding, feeding and diaper changing more pleasant.


❤️ Can I return the money box?

If you would be unhappy about the purchase, you can of course return it within 14 days from delivery.

I will return you the monney for the money box and one way shipping cost.




Some more basic information:

The money box is made of beech wood. Thanks to the finely sanded surface, it is very pleasant even for children's hands.

The front and back walls are made of 2 mm thick plexiglass. It is strong enough to hold the pressure of the coins when the cash box is fully filled.

The front plexiglass is printed with UV printing and attached to the body of the cash register with small screws.



The cash box is 17x17x5 cm big and the coin storage space measures 15.5 x 12 x 4.5 cm



A safe and beautiful place to store coins and notes.





Many of you already have a money box at home and I get nothing but beautiful feedback on it. I am glad that you are as excited about her as I am and our girls.


❤️ Thank you, because thanks to you the moeney box was created. I am very happy that at least in this way I can help parents and children develop financial literacy and make children's rooms even cozier.





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Thank you! ❤️ Ali


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