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I designed these cute wooden magnets with love :)

I believe that you can feel it from them and that they will make both you and your children happy at home.


I designed 2 types, each in a colored and wooden version.



Each set contains 9 magnets.


Magnets are intended for attaching pictures, photos or notes to metal objects such as refrigerators, metal notice boards, magnetic boards, but also radiators...


They are made of 4mm plywood and printed with graphics.

They are completed using non-toxic glue with a ferrite magnet, which can also hold 3 A4 formats.

(ferrite magnets are recommended for magnets for children, unlike neodymium magnets)


The size of the magnet is around 3.5 cm in order to meet the minimum size standard of 3 cm and avoid possible suffocation.

Even so, the magnets are intended for children 3+ years.


They are packed in small box with graphics 9x9x2,5 cm 

(Ideal as a gift box)


(If you also like the magnets, I will be happy to share them with your friends and on social networks :) thank you! )


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