The whole idea behind this collection is to offer handcrafted, eco friendly, natural wooden jewelry with various motives and expressions.


The jewelry is designed in simple shapes to achieve modern elegant look and meet various expectations of customers with passion for natural handmade products.

First pieces of the jewelry where designed in the shape of origami paper boat as a brooch and a necklace. The collection was extended with origami paper plane and hummingbird. Suitable motives where later turned in to outline edition. The whole collection of jewelry was closed by stud earrings of the mentioned shapes as well as boats and circles.


I would like to offer you different colours and their combinations That is why, I decided to create COLOR and GOLD collection.


for COLOR collection I have picked colors as MINT and PEACH.

The GOLD collections is painted with gold color and always assemled with the chain of gold color. This collection looks very modern and elegant.


Pendants, brooches and earrings are made of 3 mm plywood, hand painted and assembled. PURE and COLOR collection is assembled with chain of silver color (material: Iron - nickel and lead free) and GOLD collection with chains of gold color. Length of the chain is approximately 70 cm. Brooches are assembled with 32 mm pins (besides - bird shape 25 mm). 


Jewelry is designed by me (Alzbeta Zimmerova), laser cut in the Czech local company and delivered to us. Every order is hand painted and assembled for end customer.


Please, be aware of conditions - where you store your jewelry. The metal parts shouldn´t be left in wet environment as a bathroom and shoudn´t get in to the contact with liquids such as perfume or water.


EARRINGS: 5,5 x 4 x 3 cm

BROOCH + PENDANT: 10 x 10 x 2 cm

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