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Alizi.stack candleholder is a variable, stackable candleholder made of wood.
Size: 60 x 87 mm


Part 1: 60 x 27 mm

Part 2: 60 x 30 mm

Part 3: 60 x 36 mm


Colour: pure wood

Material: wood


The cangle holder is wrapped in thin white paper and inserted into cylinder shape paper packaging with plastic lid.


Use: candle holder, small plant pot, small storage


This variable product in modern, pure Scandinavian design is inspired by simple wooden toys.The main idea behind, was to create a beautiful simple candle holder in natural material which you can adjust according your needs. You can use it as one tall candle holder, where you can change the order of individual parts or as 3 small candle holders which you can use as a small plant pots as well. Just use the metal cup from the burned out candle and place your small plant in...



  • This variable product in modern, pure scandinavian design is inspired by simple wooden toys, which symbolizes playfulness and bring us back in time to our childhood...
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